We are a WISP (wireless internet service provider)

Our service area is Tensas Parish, providing service in Newellton, St. Joseph, Waterproof along with the Lake St. Joseph area, Lake Bruin area and the Sundown areas.

Broad Band Wireless Services

What we do?

January 2019

Started installing 

Tue Sep 16 2018

Installed equipment on St. Joseph Water Tower

What's New?

December 2018

Received out Fiber connection

What customers like about us.​

Local Company, No Long Term Contracts, Customer Service

Having dependable internet is so important today


Making sure your internet access  is incredibly important, yet many homeowners neglect to service their equipment. Like everything in your home, it requires maintenance and upgrades.

If you haven't had your network inspected recently, we're here to help. Maintaining your network is a low-cost way of ensuring that it works when you need it. 

Lake Bruin Wireless LLc.